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We’ve been described as the epitome of luxury, a self-care vacation, and a place where fantasy meets reality. Hi! We’re a luxe portrait studio and we can’t wait to create the most decadent day for you. It starts with ice cold champagne, your own private stylist and a team of creatives working to create an editorial, unique shoot for you. Our clients have called it addictive. We call it necessary.

Yes, Please!


We hear this a lot. And I get it. Maybe it feels like a luxury shoot needs a reason. A pregnancy, an engagement, a milestone birthday. Some of our clients come in for a reason. The rest come in for a purpose.
To pamper themselves. To see themselves differently. To feel beautiful. To love on themselves. To treat themselves. To work with a team of artists. TO CAPTURE MEMORIES THAT WILL NOT WAIT. To express a new side of themselves. To have the most scroll-stopping images. To pass down a legacy.  To make a Tuesday extra special. 

We're here for you!

client testimony

"Paula and her entire staff were AMAZING to work with!!"

She was able to get her team together for a last minute photo shoot that looked like it took weeks to pull off! I was so in love with the final images that I was having a hard time choosing my photos! I felt so at ease, and truly enjoyed the shoot. Everyone was polite and we had a blast, more fun than I expected. She made my birthday shoot a dream and I am looking forward to working with her again! Book with Paula N. Luu Photography and I promise you won’t be disappointed

- keithchell


“It truly a personal experience with beautiful results! Thank you!"

Great photographer, she takes the time to plan the photo session, discuss options and make it truly a personal experience with beautiful results! Thank you!

- Maria M.


photography services

Fabulously Over 40

Celebrate the woman you have become and capture memories that will not wait. 

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Branding & Headshot

Reinvent your brand’s personality with magazine-style portraits to market you, your brand, and your business. 

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Teen & Senior

Celebrate your success with a stylish photoshoot tailored exactly to your interests and tastes.

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Teen & Senior

Celebrate your success with a stylish photoshoot tailored exactly to your interests and tastes.

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Editorial Portrait


This is Beauty mixed with Art. Our studio offers full-service, fashion-inspired sessions complete with all the celebrity glam & pampering. You'll be captured in editorial portraits you’ll love and Paula will guide you with easy-to-follow mirrored posing to achieve natural looks (no fake smiles here). You’ll have a dedicated hair & makeup artist at your side the entire shoot, and you’ll even have access to our studio wardrobe to help complete your looks.  It’s a VIP day of champagne toasts and celebrating YOU.



you like editorial and fashion magazine style photo


Reinvent your brand’s personality with magazine-style portraits to market you, your brand, and your business. 


Creating buzz around your brand is your thing.

Kick your image management up a notch-with a customized personal branding, portrait session. Paula N. Luu produces stunning profile images to use for your business cards, website, social media, and other print marketing materials, with portraits that look like covers for a high-fashion or Fortune 500 magazines.

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Senior graduation is an important rite of passage, a milestone that is reached once in a lifetime. Capturing this moment forever is what we do.

Don't waste that opportunity and end up with ho-hum pictures, simply because you have not done it before and are not sure what outfits work best, how to pose for compelling, professional looking images (after all, nobody is born a model).

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you desire the most scroll-stopping images.


I define BOUDOIR simply as self-celebrating intimate portraiture meant to benefit primarily the subject themselves…


You want an empowering portrait experience that truly celebrate the women you have become.

…and sure, also your partner, the walls of your home, and/or the entire world via the internet should you so choose. 

Boudoir does not have to
…include lingerie
…be a wedding present
…be discreet
…feature only certain body types/genders/ages/marital statuses
…be heavily retouched

It can simply be however you define as intimate and self celebrating,

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Our Manifesto:

“Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey


"I'm Not Photogenic"

Photogenic is just COMFORTABILITY in front of the camera which is completely MY responsibility.  I will guide you and take the pressure off of you so that you can just focus on having fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

"I Need To Lose A Few Pounds"

So many of my clients feel this way.  Not only do I guide you, but, I will pose you, artistically light you and capture you at the most flattering angles.  Those few pounds will not make a difference, TRUST me.

"I'm Too Old"

Whether you're having a portrait session with your loved ones or empowering yourself with a session for you, EVERYBODY deserves an experience like this at least once in their life.   One day, your loved ones will look for photos of you, what will they find? 

Plus check out my Fabulously 40 over 40 project. I photographed 40 women over the age of 40. Yes, I they were women at 50, 61, 70 and even 87. Age is just a number.

"Do I Have To Have A Makeover?"

The makeover is a great start to calm the nerves and enjoy some PAMPERING.  Whether your goal is to just enhance or to bring on the glam, you're in excellent care with my carefully selected stylists.  However, I also love to photograph women naturally with no makeup as well.  It's completely up to you

"What Products Do You Offer?"

I offer framed, acrylic, metal wall art prints in various sizes, beautiful custom albums and two types of photography folio boxes that hold matted prints.  During your consultation you will be able to see these LUXURIOUS products in person.

"I Only Need Digital Files"

I create LEGACY portraits to enjoy and treasure with beautiful portrait products that will outlive digital files for generations to come.  I source from incredible photography labs, one of them in Italy, who handcraft their products with archival prints that have an expected longevity of 100 years. Each of your print product include a matching digital files. So why not get the product and the digital files. 

However, for our headshots and personal branding session clients digital files will be given in both format website/social media size and high resolution.

Who Can I Bring With Me?"

You're welcome to bring anyone with you to get photographed. Whether you enjoy a portrait session for yourself or maximize and have loved ones join for a portion of your portrait session, we CUSTOMIZE your experience for you. 

What are the payment options?

At PNL we understand that professional photography is an investment that will last forever. We work with clients of all different budgets.  We accept credit cards and offer simple payment plans.  In order for you to take full advantage of the availability of the images and keepsakes we will be creating for you, we have developed a payment plan option. Our payment plan allows you to invest in portraits, albums and other keepsakes from your session in an affordable way without leaving any images or products behind.

In addition, there is no minimum purchase or hard sell.  We only want you to purchase portraits that you deem PRICELESS that you can not live without.  

how did we do?

client testimony

fabulously over 60

“It was such an empowering experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every second!!!”

Not only was it a super fun experience, but so empowering! You might feel like you’re not beautiful as you age, but Paula has a gift for finding the inner beauty in all of us and putting on display!

- Robyn W.

fabulously over 40

“I felt very comfortable. She knows how to make you feel at home in your own skin.”

Once you have experience a portrait session with Paula you will understand why she stands out above them all. She's highly educated in the subject, but the mechanics of photography don't block her creativity and creating a piece of artwork. 

- Lisa T.

fabulously over 70

“Finally, I have so many great images of myself that I love!”

I was quite nervous coming to the photoshoot because I don't usually like how I look in the photo. I told her if we could just get one good photo for my funeral picture then I will be happy. And boy did she delivered more than just one.

- Denise D.



I can’t wait to go over every beautiful detail of my process, and answer all your questions! 


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What I like about photographs are that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.




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