How To Prepare For Your Fabulous Photoshoot

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I'm a portrait photographer specializing in editorial style portraits for individual, family and business. I believe the best portrait captures the many facets of one’s personality, interests, and affections. 

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Three Weeks Before Your Photoshoot

​​​1. Begin with Discovery. We will have a phone/Zoom conversation about what you envision as the perfect photoshoot. We will look at my studio closet and see if any of those pieces would work. We will then book a styling consultation to finalize the looks. I like to visit my client’s closet to see what pieces they already have and give them ideas from their already existing collection. Then I can direct them to pick out pieces of clothing and jewelry that will complete the look.

This is a foundational phase and will go a long way to getting the perfect photoshoot. You will need to communicate clearly with me exactly what you want so we can have a constructive conversation about your style and vision. For some, it will be very easy. For others, not so much. But I’m here to help. It’s alright to say “no” to things you don’t like. This photoshoot is about you and so taking care to get this part exactly right will land the images you want.


One Week Before Your Photoshoot

2. Be Diligent with a Skincare Regimen. This should be your routine: Wash your face nightly. Exfoliate your face and body every other day. Use a moisturizer on your full body daily. Wear lip balm constantly.​​​​​​​​ Ensuring a healthy regimen of care will ensure your skin and body will look the best by the time of the session.

3. Start by Stretching. Try to stretch for 20 minutes each day before your shoot — especially your neck, back, and hips. Start slowly and you will get used to it. Stretching will help you become flexible when I guide you in striking those perfect poses.

4. Wax Eyebrows and Upper Lip. Get your brows waxed or threaded by a professional. Try to stay close to your natural shape, and don’t go too thin. If needed, have your upper lip waxed as well. Wax body hair, legs and underarms. Depending on how revealing your outfit choices are, you may also need to wax your bikini area.​​​​​​​​

5. Cut Back on Caffeine and Salt. Both are dehydrating and cause your body to retain​​​​​​​​ water. Rather, drink plenty of water to refreshen your skin. We are made of mostly water and hydration will make our skin glow. Eat healthy, refreshing foods that will nourish your body bring out your inner glow.

It’s All in the Preparation

This is only a few ways to prepare. When a client comes through my studio, they will receive comprehensive physical and digital guides that will help them achieve the look they are envisioning (and more!). But this takes work and communication. The great news is I have a team to help make this process easy. A luxury photo session with me means you’re in the best hands and will receive the guidance to turn vision into reality.

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING at Paula N. Luu Photography, so make it better than it could ever be!

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