Five Steps to a Perfect Selfie

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I'm a portrait photographer specializing in editorial style portraits for individual, family and business. I believe the best portrait captures the many facets of one’s personality, interests, and affections. 

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Whether it’s for our social media or sharing a moment with a friend, just about all of us have taken the ubiquitous “selfie.” But some turn out great, and others…ah…not so great. As a photographer, I see the word as light. The word photography in fact means to draw with light. So, what comes naturally for me may not be natural for you. These five tips will help you take better selfies and also show you the value of a great photograph (and a great photographer)!

Step 1: Pick the right location. Choose a background not filled with people and cars, unless that is your thing. Plants, a decorative wall, nice scenery, all help to prevent distraction from the focus of the picture, which is you.

Step 2: Be in the right lighting. You don’t want to be backlit unless you are using a flash. A good way to determine good light is to stretch out your hand and use the back side to see where the light is coming from. Stand where the light falls on your hand, and hold the camera opposite of it.

Step 3: Strike a pose. There are three easy poses. Side pose. Look to the left, front, right. Additionally, you can add your hand to the side and tilt your head slightly.

Step 4: Hold your phone higher for a more flattering look. The phone being too low will cause a double chin. Everything in front of the camera will be wider. The phone higher will produce a slimming effect. Pro tip: in the studio, I ask clients to put their chin out and down to bring out the eyes.

Step 5: Don’t forget that click for a perfect selfie. You’re beautiful and taking a few moments to get this steps in will give you a great image. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING at PNL Photography.

Watch my 90 second tutorial for “Five Steps to a Perfect Selfie”

Continue to follow my blog for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. At Paula N. Luu Photography, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. Believe it!

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