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I'm a portrait photographer specializing in editorial style portraits for individual, family and business. I believe the best portrait captures the many facets of one’s personality, interests, and affections. 

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All of us have an idea about who we want to be. It’s that person we admire, the person who we aspire to. Whether for work or our personal lives, we need to have a vision of who we are or else our society will form a vision for us. We are constantly being told what we should look like, what we should be doing, what our lives should be. But should that be the case? Is that the best version of ourselves? We need to create that vision or else someone else will create it.

Actor, Matthew McConaughey says that his hero is the person he is 10 years from now. Each time he reaches that mark, his hero is still that person 10 years from now. He does this so that he can live into the perfect image that he has of himself. He chases his “hero” and never reaches it because he wants to have someone to strive for. He admits he never achieves that perfection, but that is enough for him to live into, to reach toward.

As a short Asian woman, I grew up thinking that if I was just a few inches taller or looked a certain way, my life would change. I would get more opportunities and people would notice me more. Perhaps this would be the case, but because I understand this, I am able to produce images for people that make them look extraordinary. I know what it is like to not be noticed, and now I want to make all my clients be noticed. But more than that, I want to give my clients an image of them that they could grow into. To be real, most of us wake up and start our day not feeling 100 percent. Many of us need to be reminded of our mission in this world. We need to have a vision for our lives and the motivation to make it real.

My portraits help you do that. They capture that image of you as how you imagine yourself to be. Each time you look at it, you can live into that picture. You make it a reality. You are the image you have in your mind. If you see yourself as a successful entrepreneur or boss or leader, you will be. This is not just wishful or positive thinking, it is reality. If we can imagine something, the next thing we want to do is pursue it. We do the things it takes to make it happen. We become motivated to realize what we see before us. How to better see yourself than a beautiful portrait that you display and look at daily. That’s what I can bring to your life, the person who you envision yourself to be.

If you would like to see what the vision of yourself can look like, book a call with me and I’ll explain the process. Trust me, you are worth it!

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