How to Make a Dream Come True

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I'm a portrait photographer specializing in editorial style portraits for individual, family and business. I believe the best portrait captures the many facets of one’s personality, interests, and affections. 

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Blanca called me up one day to book an appointment for a photo session. Her son had senior pictures done with me during Covid, when it was difficult to get a photo session done. So, she knew my work. She had been following me for sometime now and wanted to have my signature portrait session of herself. It was a few days before our annual champagne party and gallery show, and I invited her to that even so she could see what might be in store for her. She bought a special booking offer there, but later upgraded it to a “custom session,” knowing that she would purchase more than what was in the mini package.

The day came for her photoshoot and I could tell that she was nervous, even to the point of shaking. The hair and makeup went beautifully, but when it came time to be in front of the camera, I could tell she was anxious and did not know why. As I helped her with the posing, I showed her the pictures taken from my camera from my monitor. “Have fun and enjoy this experience. You’re in good hands,” I would encourage. 

Later on she told me the story of how she got married at a very young age and missed her quinceañera celebration because of this. She saw it as her chance to make her dream photoshoot come true. Even though she brought most of her own outfits to wear, I saw one dress in my closet that she had to try on. Once she was in it, it transformed her into that 15 year old girl again and totally brightened her day. At the end of the session she ended up purchasing both our premium album and metal wall art.

What touched me so much is that she has been working as an entrepreneur for a long time to support her family. She took care of others, but finally decided to receive some self-care and a luxury experience. The pictures came out better than she could ever imagine, and I was so happy to make her dream come true. 

We all have our own journeys and experiences that we are trying to capture. Some of us never know what pictures can do for us, especially those that give us a glimpse at who we really are or who we can be. They capture something deep inside, and fulfill longing for something that we need to experience and realize now. This is what gives me joy, to help make dreams a reality through helping people tell their stories in ways they never knew could happen. 

If you are over 50, we are currently running a campaign for our “Living Your Best Life Over 50.” If you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s, and even over. I want to tell your unique story through editorial photography. It will be a great way to celebrate your accomplishments and make your dreams come true. So, book a call with me and we’ll make it happen.

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